I am 4 weeks pregnant with my second baby… this is not my first one but its been 8 years since my first one!!.. Back then i have my mom to guide me thru my pregnancy.. Another things is my life style & the place I am living has been change from my first pregnancy.. I used to live in my Beloved country (Philippines) now i reside here in U.S… Thing is there is a big difference living there and living her (e.g) food, medicine, weather & more… I need a major help!!.. I want to have a healthy baby!!!

1. What kind of workout i can do?!?.. When I wasn’t pregnant yet, i go to gym 5 times a week 2 hours each day!!.. I do intense workout before..

2. Is it healthy for me to continue my diet habit?!.. Sometimes i miss a meal.. or just eat fruits for the whole day!!.. I need a healthy diet tips now that I am pregnant.. ( How often I can eat sea foods??!)

3. Can i still drink coffee?!?.. I love coffee so much!!!.. I can finish 2 venti machiato from starbucks or 2 large ice coffee from mcdonalds… (If I can’t can I sub it with decaf or if I can how low should i cut it down?!?)

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